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Confirming Pregnancy With Home Based Pregnancy Testing

March 13th, 2023

Pregnancy is a wonder belly of emotions, both joyous and stressful. For most women, making a decision to have a child is momentous. Yet for many others, life is tough enough without having someone kick you from the inside; believe it or not, by far the most common craving of pregnant women is wishing they were not pregnant.

Pregnancy is Welcome in the following situations:

Women in strong relationships
Supportive families and understanding boyfriends.
Women who have planned their pregnancy.
Financially stable and job secure.
Pregnancy may actually be a huge problem in these scenarios:

Teenagers, emotionally insecure or immature individuals.
Unplanned pregnancy especially when you already have children.
Unstable relationships, trouble with the law, drug addiction, Alcohol and Smoking.
Financially shaky without any resources or job.
In the unfortunate event of Rape/Date Rape, Incest, Sex for Cash.
Sexually transmitted disease like AIDS, Syphillis.
Symptoms Of Pregnancy – How Can I Tell If I Am Pregnant
Vague occurrences that cannot be relied on but are often associated with pregnancy are

Fatigue, bloating, initial weight loss
Copious white non-offensive vaginal discharge
Headaches, backaches
Cramping in the lower belly, frequent need to urinate.
Raw or sensitive breasts, Nipples or areolas get pigmented and dark
Mood Swings with craving for certain foods and Nausea at the sight of others.
Home based Urine Pregnancy Testing – The Best Tool

Easy to perform, one step, can be done at home.
Cheap, readily available all over the world.
Discreet, no one but you alone know.
Accurate, detects HCG at levels as low as 30-50 miu/ml
Safe and painless with no side effects.
Rapid, results within a few minutes.
Early detection, as early as the first or second day after the first missed period.
The Home Pregnancy Test Kit
Good testing kits contain a dropper and a plastic card having a small well with an adjacent indicator slot. These come wrapped inside a sachet that has printed manufacturer’s instructions.

Method of Testing
Preferably the first morning sample of urine is collected in a bottle. As specified in the instructions, the required drops of urine are placed into the well using the dropper and the indicator slot is read at the manufacturer specified time interval, usually a few minutes. Velocit Home Pregnancy Test Kit is an example of such a testing kit which is cost effective and accurate and can be used at any time of the day.

Inference Of The Result
Two colored bands indicate a positive test – PREGNANT
One colored band means a negative result – NOT PREGNANT.

Home Based Pregnancy Testing – Conclusion
The perennial dilemma to continue or abort a pregnancy plagues many women at all ages of the reproductive years. Hence the need for an accurate and affordable test to detect pregnancy early after the first missed period. The Kit for Home based Urine Pregnancy testing does just that and is a classic example of biotechnology at its best.

For more information you can refer to Home Pregn

Link Between Headaches and Pregnancy – What You Can Do

February 13th, 2023

Being pregnant results in a lot of discomfort for women and it can become even more uncomfortable when there is a headache that accompanies the pregnancy. Many women have the misfortune of having headaches during pregnancy, so they need to find out exactly how the two are connected and how they can get rid of the headache naturally.

Because there are hormonal changes that women experience during pregnancy, headaches and other pains can typically result. Therefore, it can be deduced that headaches and pregnancy are connected due to hormonal imbalances during pregnancy.

Once there are drastic hormonal changes, the body reacts very differently to various stimuli, including things that would not normally cause headaches. Apart from the natural connection between headaches and pregnancy hormonal changes, other things can actually trigger a headache for a pregnant woman. These include muscle tension, hunger, poor posture while standing or sitting, stress, fatigue and even congestion.

What is important is finding ways to treat the headache so you can get good relief during pregnancy. Here are some of the most common and safest ways to treat your headache during pregnancy.

Cold Compress — This is an effective treatment for people regardless of whether or not they are pregnant. This would just involve doing a cold compress to the back of the neck. By dampening a towel and putting it in the freezer, it can be used on the back of the neck to instantly help ease the tension that could be causing your headaches.

Warm Compress — An alternative to a cold compress is applying a warm compress to the face, eyes and temple. Often times when congestion is the cause of headaches for pregnant women, a warm compress can help to get rid of the pain quickly.

Exercise — Often times, muscle tension triggers headaches for pregnant women. By starting a low impact exercise program, you can help to relax the muscles and yourself in the process, hence helping your pregnancy headache to go away.

Dark Room Treatment — Try resting in a dark room that is also quiet and keep your eyes closed for most of the time. You will realize that almost instantly you will start to feel relief from your headache symptoms. It won’t be long before the headache pain leaves you entirely.

Headaches and pregnancy are definitely interconnected, but the headaches can be effectively treated by simple remedies you can do at home. Being pregnant is already uncomfortable enough — you should not have to experience any other dis